freight and transport


City Šped provides for you efficient forwarding, delivery and transport of goods by all transport modes, conventional, combined and multi-modal shipment, to all worlds’ locations. With high expertise, engagement and efficiency, we also offer you assistance in dealing with customs.


With well developed worldwide network, dedication to the quality of services and excellent knowledge of the market, we are able to offer you timely and efficient freight solutions.

  • forwarding, delivery and transport of goods;
  • making contracts on loading, discharging and transhipment of goods;
  • making contracts on transport insurance;
  • making contracts on warehousing and warehousing of goods;
  • acceptance and control of import-export disposal (import, export, overload, transit, etc.);
  • preparation and completion of all documentation necessary for customs clearance;
  • preparation of customs declaration for 1 to 50 products;
  • ensuring bank guarantees in the amount of customs duties and VAT for imported goods;
  • engaging all inspection services (if required by the customs procedure);
  • attending customs examination of goods;
  • putting together all other documents in the customs procedure;
  • customs consultancy for import and export;
  • professional advices and participation in negotiations on contracts on buying and selling international contract;
  • coordination with all freight agencies located at the BiH’s borders; etc.

We approach to every client in an individual manner and we invite you to contact us so that we can create a special package of services to meet your needs!

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