City Šped d.o.o. Sarajevo introduced a complete logistics service in 2021.

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City Šped d.o.o. Sarajevo introduced a complete logistics service in 2021.

Source: Poslovne novine
Writes: (Irena Vasić-Dobrić)

Among the leaders in providing freight forwarding and freight services in BiH, City Šped d.o.o. In 2021, Sarajevo has enriched its portfolio of services with “warehousing logistics” and expects profit growth of about 20 percent compared to the previous year.

In addition to transport and customs brokerage services, City Šped d.o.o. From this year, Sarajevo also offers its clients the so-called “Complete logistics service”, which greatly facilitates their business in every way.

Thanks to the introduction of this service, according to Mirza Klico, one of the founders of City Šped, they have consolidated complete logistical support to importers/exporters, maximally relieving their human resources.

Advanced WMS system

“Complete logistical support includes loading of goods, import/export customs clearance, warehousing logistics, and local delivery to the end-user. This means that for the client, in addition to transport and customs brokerage services, according to his needs, we provide storage, handling, repackaging, separation, marking, insertion, delivery, and distribution of goods to the final destination. An additional service is a placement of goods in a customs warehouse, record keeping, import customs clearance, and re-export services, as well as distribution to the end-user”, says Klico.

At the same time, storage services are performed in extremely modern shelving warehouses of the company, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technical and physical protection systems.

“We use an advanced WMS system (software + handheld scanners) that can be integrated with our clients’ software and thus provide real-time insight into the state of stocks of goods in the warehouse, delivery status – from the exit from the warehouse – to delivery to the end-user. At the client’s request, it is even possible to precisely monitor the daily handling of goods from receipt/entry of goods into the warehouse to its placement in software-selected shelving positions”, said Klico.

City Šped d. O. O. Sarajevo has been a fast-growing company for four years in a row, with an annual growth rate of CAGR of 31%. As Klico further states, this recognition is a kind of confirmation that they are on the right path and that their clients have recognized in them a reliable and quality partner.

Achieve business growth of up to 15 percent in 2020.

“Moto City Špeda is ‘logistics of trust’ and it is precisely the summary of our company’s business philosophy and the secret of our success. We strive to improve our business processes and develop on a daily basis. Our company employs experts in the field of customs brokerage and transport, who are available to our clients 24/7 and who with their work and commitment build a positive brand of our company. All of the above, as well as an individual approach to each client individually, are a sure path to success “, claims Klico.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the past year, they were forced to look for new business modalities in order to remain competitive in the market and retain all employees.

“We managed to overcome all challenges and achieve business growth between 10 and 15 percent. At the same time, we kept all the employees and even hired new ones. “Thanks to the professional and dedicated attitude of our workers, we have made a great effort to deliver shipments on time, especially medical ones, which helped to overcome and still overcome the crisis caused by the global pandemic,” said Klico.